My final days in Prague

I’ve been quite the busy bee this month despite losing my job (story to be told on a later post about my visa issues in Prague). It sucks.. but it’s been a blessing in disguise since I’ve had time to organize my trip to S.E. Asia, sell things that will only add bulk to my travels, and it’s also given me time to enjoy my last days in Prague in a calm manner. I’ve gotten to visit a few sights that I kept putting off and more importantly I have all this extra time to hang out with the awesome people I’ve met here. There’s a welcoming and well established expat community in Prague and many expats have lived here for years. When you have a reliable job and your visa business in order, it’s easy to live here and it’s a gorgeous place to be. I’ve met many expats who said they planned to be here only a few months or maybe one year, and now they’ve been here for 3 or more! I’m included in that bunch. Originally I came to Prague to get my tefl certification and I only planned to stay one month. That was last year. Even as my days are dwindling down, I still think about how I’d like to save money to come back for a visit. As Franz Kafka said,

“Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws.”

Some thoughts about these final days. I can see how the people you meet while traveling will often become lifelong friends. Despite a range of backgrounds, ages, and life experience, you’ll meet people who have an important similar interest; to travel and explore the unfamiliar. Not everyone can pick up and move to a new place without the promise of work or friendships. This requires a certain sense of adventure, curiosity, and bravery, which are great qualities to have in good friends. It’s been a fun year in Prague, and I’ll miss my friends dearly, but it’s exciting to know that one day you might meet up again in another country and begin a whole new chapter of awesome memories. Until then, I look forward to beginning this whole bittersweet process from scratch in Thailand. 🙂




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