Finding peace in Prague.. with alcohol!

Ok, so finally a happy post! I feel like my last two were written during some rough times, but hey, that’s life. Luckily, my time in Prague turned around quite incredibly and I ended up having the time of my life. Once I reminded myself that I was in control of my happiness, I started to relax and I really worked on myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Plainly put, I needed a chill pill.

Once I booked a flight home and had a solid final date in mind, I really focused on making the most of my time in Prague. I couldn’t find a teaching job since schools preferred I stay long-term, so instead I became a promoter for the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl. It was really the only work I could find aside from a minimal English teaching job for adults. The pay wasn’t great and promoting at Old Town Square during the freezing cold days of winter certainly wasn’t pleasant, but the staff was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them, hanging out, and eventually getting drunk with them as we took tourists to all the best spots for drinks and debauchery. I feel like everyday was a party, a cause for celebration, and in many ways it felt like a better atmosphere then the party life I had in college. The people were fun, the bars were great, the drinks were cheap, and I always felt safe.

The first time I went out with the crawl I really focused on it as a job and couldn’t bring myself to drink more than a beer or so. Once the staff encouraged me to treat it as a different kinda job, to relax, have fun with the groups, and drink, I did! And I didn’t stop. I can easily say there were probably 2 nights that I didn’t go out and drink while I was working for the crawl, which was about 3-4 weeks. I didn’t get stupid, falling on my ass, vomiting-everywhere drunk, just a really great buzz. I only had one hangover, and that was after a night where someone recommended we take Jagerbombs. Never again!

My nights were filled with teaching people how to play beer pong, taking shots, drinking Czech beer, showing off my dance moves, meandering through the beautiful streets of Prague, and having great conversations with staff and travelers. Every night had a new group dynamic and people from all backgrounds and purposes for travel gathered around for fun. I loved meeting new people while also strengthening my connections with my coworkers. I felt like they were a happy little drunk family of mine.

My crew and this really handsome man who I’d say reminds me of David Beckham.
Dancing to a set by DJ Super Glue; one of the coolest guys I’ve met abroad. Click here to listen to his mixes!

The most important thing I took away from the experience was the beauty of people and their passions. One guy was a gifted classical pianist, another had a true passion for music and was pursuing a career as a DJ, three guys were exploring and driving all around Europe in their van painted as The Mystery Machine, another had been training in Taekwondo for 14 years and had a shot of going to the Olympics. The list goes on.

The international aspect of the group was amazing as well. It was such a beautiful feeling to take a step back and realize that the people around me were all from different backgrounds, countries, upbringings, ages, and lifestyles, yet we all could share a drink and have a grand ol’ time. Peace at last for my restless soul was found in Prague. Now the journey begins again with trying to find it in San Francisco.

And now to bombard you with some photos!

My good friend, Bobby! Met him during my TEFL course!
The lovely Old Town Square


Group selfie during my second to last night out in Prague! Pretty sure this was the night it started snowing during my drunken walk home.

DJ Superglue throwing it down!
Another good friend who I finally had the pleasure of meeting in Prague!
Letna park during a morning jog.
And of course, the Gothic St. Vitus cathedral. A truly stunning sight!

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