Exploring California.

I want to share some of my favorite photos from the past three weekends. I’ve made it a goal to see something new every weekend to keep my travel spirits high and healthy. After spending some time abroad I realized I had explored very little of the place I call home. So far, so good. I’m amazed at how many options I have for adventure, sight seeing, nature walks, hikes, and exploring culture and cuisine. That’s the beauty of travel! I’ve become awakened and reinvigorated with a desire to see and do more.

‘Home’ always had a hazy glare over it, but I’m seeing it in a whole new light. How much do I really know about this place? Nothing at all apparently, and that’s exciting! Since I moved to the east bay in my late-teen years, I’ve only experienced life in the city as a youth. Now, I’m able to explore it as an adult! I’ve mainly been sticking to trips within an hour’s drive of San Francisco as well as things I can do for cheap or free. Well, there’s plenty to do! Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Alamo Square to visit the Painted Ladies.


Buena Vista Park


Corona Heights Park


The Castro District 

Found this image on Google. My phone died before reaching the district so I couldn’t take any photos 😦

Point Reyes National Seashore





Muir Woods



Muir Beach

Muir woods and beach 003 Muir woods and beach 004 Muir woods and beach 005 Muir woods and beach 016 Muir woods and beach 023IMG_0678 (1)

So much beauty and it’s only been three weekends! I’m off to plan my next trip. Hope to post more gorgeous pics soon!


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