A work in progress.

I’ve been pretty absent from blogging these past few months. Mostly due to lack of motivation. I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of bloggers, both senior and nascent, involved in the travel blog niche. I realize that my blog is in no way up to the same standards as other travel bloggers so I lost motivation when I questioned my motives for this blog.

What is my true purpose? What do I want to get out of this? Of course, it’d be awesome to make money from it, as I’ve seen plenty of travel bloggers that do. It’d also be awesome to provide useful information for would-be travelers searching the millions of resources on the internet, but I’m in no position to provide something worthy enough to compete with such detailed itineraries or information. Not yet at least.

That said, I’d like to focus my upcoming blogs as more of a personal journal, which is essentially why I started my blog in the first place. Many of my upcoming posts will be centered around my life in Seoul, South Korea once I move there in August. I may feel obligated to post a “5 things I learned while I was abroad” type of post, but I’ve grown to dislike like “those” kinda posts despite always being curious enough to read them.

With that said, I’d like to update my blog with what I’ve accomplished so far. I quit that job I hated long ago (fairly soon after writing a post about it). I purchased a Groupon to enroll in a 40-hour bartending course, which I passed. Me, a certified bartender! Never thought I’d take on this craft! But before I get too excited, I need to build my new skill, gain experience, and most importantly, gain confidence! I got a job as a catering bartender for events, but I haven’t started yet since the events for this month have been booked. I’ve just been twiddling my thumbs as I wait for the opportunity to get out and prove my worth. I’m sure I’ll screw up sometimes, but I’ve accepted that. Who knows.. if I really enjoy bartending, it could become my new source of income for traveling! Maybe I’ll move to Australia for a year like this cool guy did.

I’ve been working sporadically at my old job in San Francisco. I make enough to feed myself, pay for my monthly car insurance, gas, and miscellaneous items. I did go out the other night (two nights actually..) and spent around $60 just on beers! Times like this, I really miss Prague. Plus, I was treating myself for having passed the bartending class and getting a job right away, so I guess that justifies it, right?

In other news, my exploring has been slowing down since I didn’t want to keep spending money on gas without more solid income. I still think it’s important to make time and put money aside for weekly or bi-weekly excursions since it really helps me de-stress and motivates me, so I won’t be out for much longer. As I mentioned before, my motivation is highly lacking and I think it has a lot to do with my outings being minimized. This week I hope to change that. Point Reyes again? The beach? Sacramento? Hmm..

I signed up to volunteer for two organizations. One is a program where I will be trained to tutor children from low-income homes who are struggling with reading. Another is at a new feral cat clinic. I was there yesterday and got to assist the kitties who had just gotten spayed or neutered! I checked their vital signs, cleaned their ears, brushed them and helped them wake up from their heavily sedated states. It was a pretty cool experience, especially since I thought I was only going to feed the cats or clean cat litter!

So, my goals for the next few months leading up to Korea involve keeping up with volunteering, working out (which I have zero motivation for these days), taking a sweet trip up to Portland for my birthday in June, and hopefully a trip to Mexico courtesy of my dad who plans to move out there in the next few weeks. Let’s see how things pan out.

I love the views at Baker Beach.

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