Next move, Vietnam!

I’ve just entered into my fifth month in Sydney, and though I still have just over half a year left on my Working Holiday Visa, I’ve decided to end things here and move onto a new chapter. I booked my flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! I’ve heard some good things from fellow travelers who have gone to teach there and I figured I’d give it a shot. It appealed to me for a few reasons: low cost of living, plenty of affordable travel opportunities nearby, a big market for ESL teachers, and the possibility of earning enough money to save rather than break even each month! Now, that last point will probably be dependent on how hard I hustle to find a good job (or jobs) and if I work enough hours, but I have faith in my marketability and drive.

So I’ve realized that I update my blog around stressful times. If you’re a reader and have picked up on this, I do apologize. Who wants to read about me complaining and whining all the time!? My blog definitely isn’t the glamorous, advice filled, treasure chest of information that I thought it might be when I first started it. Instead, it’s a more personal and private indulgence that I’ve kept going for the sake of documenting my life abroad. I’m hoping to acquire the drive to write in it when I do amazing and fun things as well, and to also push myself to do more amazing and fun things. It’s hard to always remember that my daily life is still an adventure in itself. I may never be in Australia again, and I feel pressured to take advantage of that. But I’m not learning how to surf at the gorgeous beaches of Sydney, or camping with kangaroos in the outback, or taking a road trip with young travelers up the coast, or dating a super hot Aussie. Heck, I haven’t even seen a kangaroo yet! I am clearly lacking motivation lately, but I’m hoping to turn that around in my final 3 weeks. Doing big things on a budget. At this point, my blog just reflects me. I’m just a 20-something living abroad and figuring life out as I go, and if you’re along for that ride with me, thank you!!

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