Day trip to the Royal National Park

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the latest photos of my trip to the Royal National Park! It was a perfect day trip, so if you find yourself in Sydney yearning for an excursion with stunning coastal views and a chance to refresh at the beach, this is a great area to check out! Here’s the info on how to get there using public transport.

  1. Make your way to Cronulla. So the first step is to hop on a train. I used my Opal card and took the train from Lewisham (my suburb) to Cronulla. It took me about an hour since I had to transfer at Redfern station. From Redfern (near Central), the train ride was about 40 minutes.
  2. Catch a ferry to Bundeena. The ferry port is quite close to the Cronulla train station. My friend and I followed other people who looked like they were ready for a hike and we found ourselves at the pier. You can pay for the ferry on board in cash only!! No credit, debit, EFTPOS, or Opal cards are accepted. It was $6.40 one-way for me as a regular adult, and here’s a list with prices for others (discounts for students, family, etc). On the website, you can also access the ferry timetables and check for delays based on weather. The ride was about 20-30 minutes long. If you need to grab some snacks or food before your trip, there were some cafes and grocery marts at the Cronulla train station exit where I bought some water, prosciutto, bread, bananas, apples, kombucha, and a chocolate bar 🙂
  3. Follow signs to Royal National Park. Once you’ve taken the lovely ferry ride and arrived in Bundeena, keep an eye out for signs that point you towards the Royal National Park! We had to walk through residential areas for a while, but eventually you’ll find your way to the park! If not, Google Maps is always helpful 😉
  4. Follow the trail for as long as your heart (and feet) desire. We followed the main coastal trail that took us to several beautiful viewpoints overlooking the ocean, Wedding Cake Rock, and Marley Beach. We went on Sunday and the trail was not very crowded. I think in total we walked about 10-12 km (roughly 6-8 miles) round-trip. The beach had some fishers and sun bathers, but no one was taking the opportunity to swim! The water was surprisingly warm and the waves were mild. After splashing around and swimming for a while, I decided to take a nap on the beach before heading back to the ferry. It was bliss!


My itinerary for the day just covers a small portion of the park. It’d be awesome to camp overnight and see more! Here’s the website for additional info on trails and other sights to see in the park.

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